sábado, junio 01, 2013

en PINTA Art Fair 

Artis Arte Contemporáneo Galería representa a Chiachio & Giannone en el Stand B33 del 4 al 7 de Junio de 2013 en el Earls Court Exhibition Centre de la ciudad de Londres, Reino Unido.

In this opportunity, Artis is pleased to introduce three well known Argentinean artists putting forward an assortment of artistic dialogues.

On the one hand, there is the couple Leo Chiachio & Daniel Giannone who has shifted from painting to embroidery techniques (traditionally associated to female practice). Both are interested in working with simple materials, such as the ones used at home and at school. The scenarios in which they situate themselves arise from inspiration drawn from legends and myths of different cultures. 

Chiachio & Giannone:  "Nacimiento"
detalle de obra
Bordado a mano con hilos de algodón s/tela camuflada
1,40 x 1,63 m

We have recently devoted to embroidery as a technical process to develop our images. We have both decided to shift our pictorial trade to a dryer field. This is a collaborative process-based method, a way in which we can expand the boundaries of the configuration of our work. 
Embroidery is a traditional technique and we are aware of its association with females; in sight of this we have rescued a handcraft art and seen it as the dual practice of a male couple. It is also a demonstration that two men can access the world with absolute freedom, similarly as two children playing. 
Also we are interested in working with the simple and most common materials, such as the creative school materials (glitter, flexible fabric, card board, colour pencils), or domestic materials (sewing threads, cloth, buttons) that can embellished and transform a piece of work.   
Self portraiture is displayed in all of our work because we remain as the main and unique characters. In contrast, the image of Piolin (the Dachshund dog) started appearing and it introduced another character, our pet. The scenarios in which we situate ourselves arise from the research we do on legends and myths of different cultures.