miércoles, diciembre 12, 2012

Art We Loved From Art Basel Miami 
Art Basel came to a close yesterday, and we were lucky enough to be present in its incredible art scene. Miami came alive. Art dealers, collectors, and the who’s-whos graced the streets, partied till the early hours of the morning and got inspired by some of the world’s most talented artists.
I spent most of my time at the Art Basel Convention Center but there were also so many other fairs going on around the city: Design Miami, Nada, Aqua, and of course the young and hip Wynwood that you shouldn’t miss.
Art can be quite overwhelming when you’re surrounded by massive canvases, sculptures, and dominating visions – they have a certain impact on you that mixes frustration and inspiration together. I strolled for hours staring and thinking about the pieces that attracted my attention. “What’s the expression?” and “what’s the meaning of this?” were questions that filled my mind.
I found a few artists that I was really drawn to and had a connection with, and these all involved intricate details, bright colors, and a certain delicateness. My first was Nick Cave, an artist from Missouri. He created beautiful tangled nests of bird cages. Captured inside were small ornaments – it was like a maze that your eye had to wander around in order to find the treasure.

Chiachio & Giannone: "Ciudad frondosa"

This embroidery work by Chiachio & Giannone dominated an entire wall, you couldn’t help but stand still in your path and stare at the intricate colorful work that was before you. Chiachio & Giannone are two artists from Argentina, the vibrant and colorful country that they are from is evident in their work. The more I looked at this piece the more detail was revealed.
Before I left for Miami a lot of people were telling me to check out Wynwood, so I did! It was a small creative hub situated near the design district. Thanks to the visionary Tony Goldman, warehouses had been transformed into art galleries for the young and creative alongside a few cool boutiques and bars. At the center of this hub were the Wynwood Walls, a small area that had murals by legendary street artists Shepard Fairey, Retna, How & Nosm and many more. It was definitely worth venturing out of South Beach for, and I caught a little night yoga that helped me unwind after the long day.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the work of Nevin Aladag’s collage with carpet on wood. There was something about the geometric lines with the bold colors mixed with patterns that I liked. It was easy to look at and definitely caught onlookers’ attention, too.

Art Basel was fun and definitely worth checking out, not only the art but the people that attend are quite entertaining, too.