sábado, marzo 19, 2011

Chiachio & Giannone: "Ramona, manto de vida"
Bordado a mano c/ hilos de algodón s/ tela
1,37 x 1,90 m
Chiachio & Giannone
Colección Gustavo Bruzzone

Obra exhibida en el Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
en la muestra individual "El deseo nace del derrumbe"
Madrid, Febrero 28, 2011. España
Artista: Roberto Jacoby
Curadora: Ana Longoni
“Poéticas contemporáneas".
Itinerarios en las artes visuales en la Argentina de los 90 al 2010”.
Apuntes y aproximaciones.
Fondo Nacional de las Artes.
Bs. As. Argentina.
Chiachio & Giannone: Pag. 112.
Reproducción de las obras "Familia Guarani", "Sebastianos" y "Pombero, pomberito y yaguareté"

jueves, marzo 17, 2011

Chiachio & Giannone: "Hina Matsuri"
Bordado a mano con hilo de algodón, hilos efectos joya y rayón s/ tela.
1,22 x 1,32 m
Chiachio & Giannone: "Familia en la fontana di Trevi"
Bordado a mano con hilo de algodón s/ tela.
1,10 x 1,70 m

Chiachio & Giannone: "Brujas protectoras"
Bordado a mano con hilo mouliné, de seda y lana s/ jeans. Pompones.
1,60 x 2,00 m

lunes, marzo 14, 2011

SAN JOSE, California – The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles will showcase the work of two collaborating teams of contemporary fiber artists in two unique exhibits on view February 8, 2011 through May 1, 2011.
Curator: Deborah Corsini
Eden Re-imagined presents the embroidered work of Leo Chiachio & Daniel Giannone and is the first time the two artists will have a solo exhibition outside of their native country of Argentina. An opening reception, free with admission, will be held on February 13, 2-4pm.

Eden Re-imagined is an intimate look into the private and imaginary world of life partners Leo Chiachio & Daniel Giannone. Their self-referential stitched embroideries depict the artists in various landscapes, often disguised as indigenous people and include their beloved dachshund, Piolin. Their embroidered stitcheries range from intimate small scale portraits to lavishly embellished pieces with carefully rendered details of their faces, clothing and environment. Included in this exhibition is the large scale installation Brujas Protecturas (Protective Witches) which shows the artists in shamanistic garb framing their dog. Museum curator Deborah Corsini said, “This is a provocative, fascinating and intimate look at the work and powerful relationship of two artist partners and their unique world view. We are pleased that the artists will be in attendance at the opening reception.”