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Chiachio & Giannone

Chiachio & Giannone is a duo of Argentinean artists. Leo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1969 and Daniel in Cordoba, Argentina in 1964. They both studied Beaux Art in Argentina and they now live and work together in Buenos Aires since 2003, creating hand embroidery tableaux.

Each of their creations invites us into a new poetic universe. From Japan to India, from the Mesoamerican to the African style portraits, the two artists appropriate for themselves the space they create by taking place in their art works. They are accompanied in these representations by the figure of Piolin, their mascot. The importance of Piolin as part of the artistic duo reached a summit with the creation of the Mupi – Museo Piolin (http://www.mupi-museopiolin.blogspot.com/). Their 2010 project of decorated porcelain adds to the range of artistic mastering of the two artists.
The great talent of Chiachio & Giannone has been awarded by many prizes such as the First Prize of the LX National Salon of Rosario in 2006 (Argentina), the Platt Award in 2007 (Argentina), the Premio 10 años Bola de Nieve (awarded by the Foundation Start, and Espacio Fundacion Telefonica MacStation) and the Primera edición del Premio Hotel Colonial Salta a las Artes Visuales in 2010, (awarded by the “Hotel Colonial” in the Museum of contemporary art of Salta MAC).
These great many prizes award the master of the duo in their work and the power of their creative mind. The duo also shows a great interest in the setting of their works during exhibitions, creating some very personalised spaces.

The works of Chiachione & Giannone are visible on their website: http://www.chiachiogiannone.com/index.php

By Angela Stienne

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